Bio beer – Peelander

Bio beer – Peelander

Last weekend I went with my family for the first time to Noord-Beveland in Zeeland to enjoy the beautiful nature and beaches over there! We stayed at a big Campsite in a really cute family trailer. In the evening we always had a barbecue together. I really love it to drink a nice beer when having a barbecue. So I found an article about the local beer called Peelander.

A typical Zeeland beer: Peelander

Since 1992 Noord-Beveland  produces a beer which was namend after the residents of the island: Peelander. With great passion creates Fré Buijze’s brewery seven special Peelander beers: Kriek, Pilsener, Wit, Framboss, Dubbel, Triple and Zeeuws Goud. The reason why I am interested in the beer ist the fact that Peelander Zeews Goud is produced in a ecological way. I tried one bottle and I was suprised by the sweet taste and also buy the alcohol percentage of 8%. If you like to try it you can buy it in liquid stores, restaurants and the seasonal markets in Walcheren and North-Beveland. Enjoy it!

This is a selection of Peelander beer in a local store in KamperlandThis is a selection of Peelander beer in a local store in Kamperland

Doesn't this bottle of cold Peelander beer look delicous?Doesn’t this bottle of cold Peelander beer look delicous?

A close up from a bottle PeelanderA close up from a bottle Peelander

“Surprisingly good beer needs no introduction.  You drink it and then you know it:
Peelander beer is also just a beer, but different.” 



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