A brand new green soda – Coca-Cola Life

A brand new green soda – Coca-Cola Life

In Agentinia, people already have since june the opportunity to enjoy the brand new, green labeld Cola variety, Coca-Cola Life. The green Cola is supposed to be environmentally friendly and healthier than the other Cola varieties. The soda company promise his customers that Coca-Cola Life consist of natural ingredients and that a part of the sugar is replaced with Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener which is about 400 times sweeter that sugger and contains significantly fewer calories. That means Coca-Cola Life has only about half as much Calories like the normal Coca Cola. Furthermore consist the new bottle 30 percent of plant material and is 100 percent recyclable.


Cola Life_1Coca-Cola Life has only 108 Calories (©beveragedaily.com)

Cola Life_2The traditional red  look of Cola changed into a new green appearance (© klonblog.com)

Cola Life_3Doesn’t the Coca-Cola Life on ice looks great? (© marcosmd.wordpress.com)

Cola Life_4A natural Cola in a basket (©bfreenews.com)

Watch here the offical commerical Coca-Cola Life trailer.




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