A musician with heart: Xavier Rudd

A musician with heart: Xavier Rudd

When I first saw Xavier Rudd in Amsterdam I was fascinated by this multi-instrumentalist. With his One-Man Band he creates beautiful world music with many different instruments. He sets the rhythm with his feet, plucks the guitar with his hand and blows the didgeridoo with his mouth at the same time. It is a real pleasure to watch Xavier Rudd perform.

The multi-instrumentalist Xavier RuddThe multi-instrumentalist  (©earthwarriors.net)

The Life Xavier Rudd

In 1978 Xavier Rudd was born in Torquay, southern Victoria (Australia). He grew up in a music-loving family and belongs to one of the most famous singer and songwriters in Australia and North America. Beside his music career he owns the management Agency Thompson Management which is based in Vancouver and Australia. Xavier Rudd met his lovely Canadian wife Marci during her time of backpacking in Australia. Nowadays they live together in Bells Beach, south Australia with their two boys named Joaquin and Finojet.

A happy making close up picture from XavierA happy making close up picture from Xavier (©theagencygroup.com)


During a specific road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco Xavier Rudd passed the biggest beef producer in California, a gigantic piece of farmland where cattle was kept. He saw that the cattle was staying crammed together in their own waste and that there was no fresh grass around to eat. From that moment on Xavier Rudd changed his diet and decided to go vegetarian. Because of this experience he partnered with the animal welfare association People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to fight against factory farming, animal testing and animals in the entertainment industry. In his opinion, the meat production industry has already gotten out of hand. In 2007 Xavier Rudd was nominated for the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity award by PETA.

Xavier Rudd enjoys his guitarXavier Rudd enjoys his guitar (©radioaustralia.net.au)

The future home

After so many years of road touring and living in a van, Xavier Rudd finished his most aspiring project which had actually nothing to do with music. In 2008 his dream of owning a eco-friendly house on the Australian beach came true. During all the tours, albums and kids, the couple got themselves inspired by environmentally and sustainable designs for many years.

With the help of Zen Architects in Melbourne he designed and build an recycled, environmentally and self-sufficient future abode. In this house the family has the time to retreat and refuel.

The eco-friendly house of Xavier Rudd in AustraliaThe eco-friendly house of Xavier Rudd in Australia (©tools.geelongadvertiser.com.au)

Inside the house of Xavier RuddInside the house of Xavier Rudd’s family (©tools.geelongadvertiser.com.au)

Music History

In the early beginnings Xavier Rudd started playing as a member of the band Xavier and the Hum but after a short while he already decided to pursue a solo career. In 2001 he released his first live album Live in Canada followed by the first studio album Let go in 2002. This album represented the beginning of a great musician.

With each of the following albums: Solace (2004), Food in the Belly (2005), White Moth (2007), Dark Shades of Blue (2008), Koonyum Sun (2010) and Sprit Bird (2012) his fame and recognition grew. His lyrics focus on issues like the environment or the rights of the Aboriginals. Xavier Rudd brought throughout his music many typical sounds and stories of the indigenous people back in his home country.

Xavier Rudd plays on his guitarXavier Rudd plays on his guitar (©straight.com)

“I know it’s been thousand of years and I feel your hurt and I know it’s wrong and you feel you’ve been chained and broken and burned and those beautiful old people those wise old soul’s have been ground down for far too long by that spineless man that greedy man that heartless man deceiving man that government hand taking blood and land”

Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd

If you would like to know more about Xavier Rudd visit his Website.




Maria is a passionate traveller and it all started 10 years ago in Australia. Since that 1,5 year trip she cannot get enough. Maria tries to be as sustainable as possible and loves to cook.



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