Bio beer – Peelander

Bio beer – Peelander

Last weekend I went with my family for the first time to Noord-Beveland in Zeeland to enjoy the beautiful nature and beaches over there! We stayed at a big Campsite in a really cute family trailer. In the evening we always had a barbecue together. I really love it to drink a nice beer when having a barbecue. So I found an article about the local beer called Peelander.

A typical Zeeland beer: Peelander

Since 1992 Noord-Beveland  produces a beer which was namend after the residents of the island: Peelander. With great passion creates Fré Buijze’s brewery seven special Peelander beers: Kriek, Pilsener, Wit, Framboss, Dubbel, Triple and Zeeuws Goud. The reason why I am interested in the beer ist the fact that Peelander Zeews Goud is produced in a ecological way. I tried one bottle and I was suprised by the sweet taste and also buy the alcohol percentage of 8%. If you like to try it you can buy it in liquid stores, restaurants and the seasonal markets in Walcheren and North-Beveland. Enjoy it!

This is a selection of Peelander beer in a local store in KamperlandThis is a selection of Peelander beer in a local store in Kamperland

Doesn't this bottle of cold Peelander beer look delicous?Doesn’t this bottle of cold Peelander beer look delicous?

A close up from a bottle PeelanderA close up from a bottle Peelander

“Surprisingly good beer needs no introduction.  You drink it and then you know it:
Peelander beer is also just a beer, but different.” 




Maria is a passionate traveller and it all started 10 years ago in Australia. Since that 1,5 year trip she cannot get enough. Maria tries to be as sustainable as possible and loves to cook.



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