Whale Killing at the Faroe Islands

In my article about the production of 1kg of meat I explained how important it is that we are more conscious about what we eat and what we use during our lifetime. Obviously it is very important to think about what you use, but eating meat is nothing compared to the disgusting photos I am going to show you today.

Whale hunting Faroe Islands 3

Whale Killing at the Faroe Islands

Every year the people on the Faroe Islands have a ridiculous tradition. They think it is necessary to slaughter hundreds of whales just because there ancestors use to do that. Boats surround the whales and force them into the bay where young men are waiting to slaughter them. The whales are not killed directly but cut several times and they suffer very much during this disgusting tradition.

Whale hunting Faroe Islands 2

A disgusting tradition on the Faroe IslandsThe killing will not stop till the sea has turned red from the blood of the whales, as you can see on the photo above.

This has to stop!

Obviously there are many animal-associations who are already protesting against this cruel and ridiculous tradition. This has to stop as soon as possible, especially because the pilot whales, which are often killed during the slaughter, are already a threathened species.

Whale Killing at the Faroe Islands

The whale killing is mostly done by young men


Whale Killing at the Faroe Islands

The disgusting sight of the beach, after the whales have been slaughtered


Whale hunting Faroe Islands

The whale killing at the Faroe Islands has to stopSource of the images: http://mp.weixin.qq.com


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