Good shower faucet, enjoy a good shower experience

Showers are not mundane

There is no reason you cannot enjoy your shower even when you are just cleaning up from a hard day of work. The trick is to buy and install the right shower faucet. There are a lot of good ones you can buy that will enhance your time in the shower. One place to look for great shower faucets will be This company has a wide selection and has you covered shower faucet-wise.

The key is to have a good shower faucet, enjoy a good shower experience. The two go hand in hand and the best shower faucet can help you relax faster, wake up quicker, or be ready for a hot date without any delays.

Take the time to read how a good shower faucet will help your shower experience get even better.

good shower experience

The style of shower faucet

Style plays an important role in how you view your shower time. When you simply pick the cheapest and basic shower head and faucet, you are looking at the shower as something that has to be done. That is not any fun nor is it always a good shower experience.

The way to have a good shower experience is to change the style from basic, practical, and boring to something new and exciting. Here are the alternatives you have available, including the basic faucet for showers:

  1. traditional- stays on the wall at a level high enough for you to shower. The faucet head may move a little but not a lot so you have to move to get wet or rinsed off.
  2. single-head- similar to the traditional method but these shower faucets have ways to alter the pattern of the water, the speed of the water, and so on. You get a little choice here and can mix up the flow of water depending on your mood, etc.
  3. rain showers- if you like walking in the rain, then showering in it will be just as good and as much fun. These shower faucets drop the water on you like the clouds do and provide you with some fun and good water coverage
  4. multiple-shower heads- this brings your shower time to the ultimate level. You can place these shower heads at different levels and relax all your muscles at the same time
  5. hand-held shower heads- for those people who like to get every part of their body clean. You stay in control at all times and direct the flow of the water to the exact points you want to be rinsed, etc.

Don’t forget to accessorize

One way to help your shower faucet enhance your shower time and give you a good shower experience is to add some accessories. These accessories make the shower more fun and protect you from sudden temperature changes when someone else flushes a toilet.

  1. diverters- stay in control of where the water goes by adding one or more of these little devices
  2. anti-scald valves- protect yourself from extremely hot and unexpected water temperature changes
  3. pressure-balancing valves- this little device can keep the water at the same pressure even when the hot or cold water pressure drops suddenly on you

Stay within your budget

If you spend too much on a shower faucet, you may not enjoy your shower at all. Over spending and busting your budget is not the way to have a good shower experience. Stay within your budget so your showers are not overshadowed by how much you spent to get the shower faucet of your choice.

There are plenty of good designs and top-quality shower faucets on sale at reasonable prices. You should be able to find the one that helps your bathroom pop without breaking your budget.

Types of shower faucets

You can get the perfect shower faucet in a variety of construction materials. One of the following should complete your bathroom, make it pop, and add to your shower experience:

  1. chrome- regular or brushed
  2. stainless steel
  3. bronze- oil brushed, Venetian, champagne, oil rubbed
  4. brass- antique
  5. nickel- brushed

Some final words

Showers do not have to be hum-drum, boring, or only practical. You can spice up your shower time with the right shower faucet.


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