The highlights of our 3-weeks backpacking-honeymoon in Nicaragua

The highlights of our 3-weeks backpacking-honeymoon in Nicaragua

When most people think about Honeymoon-destinations, they mostly think about destinations like Hawaii, Bali or Paris. These places are known to be romantic and fit very well to the usual program of a honeymoon. But this was not what we wanted for our Honeymoon. Because we met during our travels in Australia we decided to do a backpacking-honeymoon in Nicaragua. A bit less romantic but heaps more adventurous and exciting.

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Nicaragua is a great place for a romantic Honeymoon (©

Nicaragua is a great place for a romantic Honeymoon (©

Three weeks backpacking honeymoon in Nicaragua

In this article, you will read about the highlights of our 3 weeks backpacking-honeymoon in Nicaragua. You will be able to get heaps of interesting tips, figure out the best possible route when you have only three weeks in Nicaragua and most of all: Learn that backpacking as a couple in Nicaragua can be romantic. Below you can see the itinerary we followed during our honeymoon in Nicaragua.

  • Day 1: Managua
  • Day 2-3: Las Peñitas
  • Day 4-5: León and Cerro Negro
  • Day 6-7: Estelí and Somoto Canyon
  • Day 8-10: Granada, Masaya Volcano, Laguna Apoyo
  • Day 11-14: Isla de Ometepe
  • Day 15-16: San Juan del Sur
  • Day 17-21: Big Corn Island


Day 1: Managua

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua and it is a very busy and chaotic place. The city has a pretty bad reputation and most travellers get out of there as soon as they can. Personally, I would suggest leaving the city soon after you arrive but consider staying 1-2 nights on your way out of the country. You have been in the country for a while around that time and that ensures that the city does not overwhelm you that much (anymore). The area near Lake Nicaragua is very nice and there are very nice restaurants in Managua as well.

Day 2-3: Las Peñitas

Because it was our honeymoon, we decided to skip León for the beginning and travel straight to a small beach-town called Las Peñitas. From León it is only 20 kilometres and it might be a better first destination for couples who like a romantic spot. Besides that, it is great place to get acclimatised to the country a bit, in the end it has only been 48 hours since you left your busy homes.

One of the nice things you can do in Las Peñitas is watching baby-turtles set free on the beach. Together with a certified guide you will watch them find their way into the sea. An awesome experience and the turtles are very cute. Besides that Las Peñitas is a great place to chill on the beach and also offers some great waves for people who like to surf.

A Baby Turtle in Las Penitas Nicaragua (©

A Baby Turtle close to Las Penitas

Boat Ride Las Penitas

Boat Ride Las Penitas (©

Day 4-5: León and Cerro Negro

León is the second biggest city in Nicaragua and has a very cute vibe. The colourful houses create a very picturesque image and there are some impressive buildings to be found as well. You will find way more tourists here compared to Las Peñitas but Leon is a nice place to stay for a few nights.

Most hostels offer tours to several interesting places but the one thing every backpacker should do in León is boarding down the Cerro Negro Vulcano (Cerro means Vulcano and Negro means black). It is actually very simple: You walk up a volcano with a board (see photos) and then you enjoy the view for a while and go down sitting on the board. Most tours will cost 30 Dollar but loads of free drinks and a free t-shirt are included.

Volcano Boarding Nicaragua Cerro Negro (©

Volcano Boarding Nicaragua Cerro Negro (©

Day 6-7: Estelí and Somoto Canyon

One of the absolute highlights of our honeymoon in Nicaragua were Estelí and Somoto Canyon. First of all it is nice that the north of Nicaragua is not as touristic as the area’s south of Managua. We stayed 2 nights in Estelí und saw about 5 tourists. When you are in the north you have to go hiking in the Somoto Canyon. This canyon offers beautiful nature, loads of water to swim in and an adventurous walk to the top of a mountain. You can decide to enjoy Somoto Canyon with a organised tour but it’s also possible all by yourself.

Somoto Canyon Boat (©

Somoto Canyon Boatride

Jump Rock Somoto Canyon Nicaragua (©

Rock jumping (©

Tip: Book Miraflor Reserve early in advance
If you want to visit the Miraflor Reserve, you have to get in contact with Treehuggers. This is a ecotourism non-profit organisation and they organise all tours to this beautiful reserve. You can stay at local families living in the reserve which is obviously an awesome experience. Unfortunately we were too late when we tried to book one night in advance. Therefore I suggest booking a few days in advance to not miss out on Miraflor Reserve.

Day 8-10: Granada + Masaya Volcano + Laguna Apoyo

Granada is one of the larger cities in Nicaragua and a great place to stay for a few days. It has the colourful houses, is located at the water and has a lot of cute restaurants and bars to offer. Because it was our honeymoon after all, we enjoyed the city, the waterfront and each other for a few days.

Masaya Volcano Nicaragua Honeymoon (©

Masaya Volcano Nicaragua Honeymoon

Nicaragua Chicken Bus (©

A colourful chicken-bus

The first night we went on an organised tour to Masaya Volcano. This is a lava-volcano and it is very spectacular to see this with your own eyes. I guess the photos below speak for themselves. The second day we went to Laguna Apoyo, which is the cleanest lake in Nicaragua. Here you can have a relaxed day at the water, rent a canoe and have some romantic time together and also enjoy some good food.

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Day 11-13: Isla de Ometepe

Isla de Ometepe was definitely one of the greatest highlights of our trip. We really enjoyed these three days of our honeymoon in Nicaragua. Ometepe is an island which is only 31km long and it is great to rent a scooter or bike for a few days and just discover the island. You can hike the volcano’s, enjoy a natural spring, spot monkeys and watch the sunset at one of the beaches. If you want to eat some delicious food, you should visit restaurant Mar Dulce. This was one of the best places we ate during 3 weeks in Nicaragua.

Tip: Take the ferry around sunset
As you can see on the image below, it is great to enjoy the ferry-ride around sunset. You will be able to shoot some nice photos and it’s quite romantic on the ferry as well. Make sure you already booked an accommodation though, it will be dark when you arrive on Isla de Ometepe.

Nicaragua Ometepe Scooter (©

Discover Ometepe on a Scooter

Ferry to Ometepe Nicaragua (@

Ferry to Ometepe (@

Day 14-15: San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is one of the most popular places to surf in Nicaragua. Because there are loads of young people, there is also plenty of party and cool hostels. Still the place did not convince us that much. The view from the Jesus-Statue is awesome, the beach is nice but we did not choose Nicaragua for our honeymoon to spend time with European people in a beach-town. If you came to Nicaragua to surf, you should visit San Juan del Sur but if that is not what you want I would personally skip it.

The view from the Jesus Statue in San Juan del Sur (©

The view from the Jesus Statue on San Juan del Sur (©

Day 16-21: Big Corn Island

Lucky enough we did not fly home after San Juan del Sur. After busy-backpacking for 2 weeks we decided we wanted to end our Honeymoon in Nicaragua on an island with a white beach and not a lot of people. If this is what you are looking for you should fly to the caribbean side of Nicaragua. Here you find Big Corn Island and his little brother Little Corn. Both are very laidback islands and the beaches are more beautiful compared to the rest of the country. For us this was the perfect last stop of our honeymoon in Nicaragua.

Big Corn Island Nicaragua Honeymoon (©

Big Corn Island is a great place to end your Honeymoon in Nicaragua (©

Honeymoon in Nicaragua summarized

We did not really know what we could aspect from our honeymoon in Nicaragua. People told us different kind of stories and we did not read too much in advance. All in all we were positively surprised by the beauty of the country and the possibilities it offers also for couples who want to spend some romantic time together. If you want to plan an adventurous honeymoon you should definitely consider Nicaragua. It is a lot cheaper than neighbour-country Costa Rica and will still please your travel-senses.

Let us know if you are planning your honeymoon in Nicaragua and have any questions: We love to help.

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Watch the after-movie of our honeymoon in Nicaragua
Isla de Ometepe from Ferry Volcano (© Greentravelife)

Isla de Ometepe from the Ferry (©


One of the many beautiful spots in Nicaragua (©

On top of the Cerro Negro Volcano (©


Snorkling in Nicaragua during our Honeymoon (©

Snorkling in Nicaragua during our Honeymoon (©





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    Your honeymoon sounds amazing! We've written a Nicaragua Honeymoon Guide as well, more with a focus on mid-range or luxury travel, but backpacking sounds lovely as well. We've personally done both kinds of travel and they each have their benefits. Who doesn't want to stay on vacation for as long as possible, right? Ometepe is one of our favorite places in the whole world, but next time you'll have to try and check out the northern beaches (Mechapa, Aposentillo, Jiquilillo) and Little Corn Island!

    • Maria Maria June 08, at 13:47

      Hey Adrienne, Thanks for your comment. Your guide about Nicaragua looks awesome as well. We've been to little corn island and loved it. Thanks for your tips: If we ever go back we will check them out. Best wishes, Job


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