Luzia M. Gossmann’s recycled and braided shopping bag

Luzia M. Gossmann’s recycled and braided shopping bag

When I do my weekly groceries I hate to buy this plastic bags for 10 or even 15 cents…Who doesn’t? So I found an enviromental friendly solution. I am talking about a really cool and handy recycled paper shopping bag created by Luzia M. Gossmann. This bag is part of her new collection of braided accessories.

Bag made of old newspaper from the frontLuzia M. Gossmann’s recycled shopping bag from the front

Bag made of old newspaperHere you can see the refined braiding system

The bag is held together by an elaborate braid system from old recycled newspapers and magazins. Beside its practical details, Luzia M. Gossmann has also created the bag in a perfect size for everyday-shopping. And despite its size the recycled shopping bag is very stable and also very stylish.


With her Label transFORMATE Luzia M. Gossmann shows us that it is possible to make new objects out of old recycled newspaper and magazins. This is done by using a refined braiding system. Besides the recycled paper bag, Luzia also created other accessories like etuis, boxes, wallets and purses.

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Other refined braided accessories (©

Paper shopping bag

A very thin and matt surface sealing makes the braided paper shopping bag remarkably resistant. Even if you have to do your shopping in the rain you don´t have to worry that the bag will get ripped apart. After a while you will recognize that the newspaper will become a little darker. A sepia colour will be created which makes a beautiful contrast to the clear and flat design.

The recycled paper shopping bag is exclusively made in Germany: The following companies and networks create them: WERGO GmbH, SPEKTRUM NetzWerk, USE GmbH and the Union Sozialer Einrichtungen in Berlin.

Have fun with shopping and your new accessories.





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