My Bucketlist: Five Cities in Europe

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. It is just awesome to see different cultures, beautiful cities and learn new languages. I have travelled to Australia, Asia, Afrika and New-Sealand before, but there are still many great places to see in Europe. Today I am presenting my bucketlist for cities I still want to visit in Europe.

1. Nuuk (Greenland)

Nuuk is the capital and largest city of Greenland. Because I love nature and green-travelling, I have to visit Greenland once in my life. Nuuk only has 17.000 habitants and it can bevery cold up there. But the landscape is looks gorgeous and I would love to take a hiking-tour there. I would not visit Greenland for a weekend but would defenitely like to go there for a week. You see whales, experience the dog sledging and see the beautiful Northern Light.


Nuuk in Greenland (© Wikipedia )

2. Kiev (Ukraine)

Right now it might not be the best time to visit Ukraine, but I would love to go there once in my life. Kiev has about 2,9 Million habitants and there are plenty of cool activities in this city in Ukraine. The Dnieper River is floathing through the city and you can visit attractions like the Saint Andrew’s Church, St. Sophia Cathedral and the Mariyinsky Palace. Ukraine and Kiev are defenitely on my bucketlist for cities in Europe.

3. London (UK)

Although London is not very far away, I have never been to London or even the UK. That is why it is on the second spot for my bucketlist with cities in Europe. I see myself walking around in London and visiting great attractions like the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and St. Mary Axe. Obviously I would also love to do some shopping in London! Unfortunately you have to check the weather-forecast because the weather in the Uk is not as good as in Spain for example.


London (© )

4. Bucharest (Romania)

I have been to Budapest already and I would love to go a bit more east. Eastern Europe is great because the cities are very beautiful and everything costs about half as much compared to western Europe. In Bucharest you can also find an Arc the Triumph and there are some very impressive Museums there (National Museum of Art for Example. If I look ats some photos of Bucharest I see a lot of interesting streets and funny squares: I think Bucharest would be great for a long weekend or a midweek.

5. Madrid (Spain)

As last city on this bucketlist for european cities I would like to visit Madrid once. Everybody has been to spain but normally you will visit the coast and I have been to Barcelona once. The tickets are not so expensive and the food and weather in Spain are very attractive. I would love to see some highlights like Puerta de Alcalá, Plaza Mayor and Cibeles Palace and I guess my boyfriend would like to see a football match of Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo.

Cibeles Palace in Madrid (©


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