Alp-n-Rock: Lifestyle Clothe with Social Engagement


Last weekend I went with my mom to Kühlungsborn a cute small city at the baltic sea. At the habour there are a view restaurants and boutiques. So I checked the shop „M’s No.2 shoes&more“ and found a really cool sweatshirt from the premium Sport-Fashion brand Alp-n-Rock which I felt in love with!



The frontsite of the Sweatshirt with a stitched
heard on the right arm. (©

The beginning of Alp-n-Rock

The designer Susanne Reicher was born in Canada but grew up in Switzerland and lives now in San Diego. After a great career in designing clothes and beeing involves in the Atlata and Sydney Olympics she created her own brand Alp-n-Rock while beeing on a summer vacation in Zermatt. Inspired by the skiarea she called her first shirts „Zermatt, Sankt Moritz, Piz, Fallen, Damaged and Temptation“. In an interview with Susann made by „Snow“ she describes her brand style as „casual, comfortable and practical luxury for the active lifestyle.


The backsite of the Sweatshirt. (©

Little stitched details on th sweatshirt.

Alp-n-Rock gives scholarships to girls in developing coutries

I like the sweatshirts from Alp-n-Rock a lot but what I even like more is that Alp-n-Rock donates 10% of each sold piece to give scholarships to girls in developing coutries. The organisation Room to Read provides qualitative education for young girls to get them and their families out oft he poverty circle. Alp-n-Rock has already send 18 girls for 12 years.
Susanns motto: “the greatest luxury in life is the ability to give back”

High quality with Alp-n-Rock

The lifestyle clothe from Alp-n-Rock are made for those who like high quality and look for a perfect piece for outdoor activites such as hiking, skiing or sailing. Both women’s and men’s sweatshirt are fully reversible and looks totally different from each side. The sweatshirt I bought is made oft two-ply fabric and consists of 75% cotton and of 25% recycled polyester. Each single piece includes detailed art work such as patches (heart) made of leather with experiences like love, heartbreak, passion or joy. Moreover did the designer includes details such as embroidery and hand stitchings. Some pieces are produced in turkey and some are made in a manufacture in Los Angeles where the designer Susann created the brand. Each design is produces in limited quantities.

Reversed site of the sweatshirt. (©


Small details like patches make the
sweatshirt look very unique. (©



Embroideies are made by hand.


All shirts bear beautiful artworks and have
most of the time leather patches. (©

If you once buy such a beautiful piece take care with washing!

  • Turn garment inside out
  • Was cold in the machine on gentle cycle
  • No bleaching
  • Lay flat to dry
  • No ironing

Alp-n-Rock Shops

A sweatshirt from Alp-n-Rock costs between 40 EUR and 200 EUR. It depens if you buy them in the online shop ( on sale or in a shop.

Here you can find shop which sell the brand Alp-n-Rock-.

NIK Fashion
Große Straße
24937 Flensburg, Deutschland

32427 Minden, Deutschland

adam & eve
83209 Prien, Deutschland

M’s No.2 shoes&more
Hafenstraße 8
18225 Kühlungsborn, Deutschland

Trachtenstube moser
5754 Hinterglemm, Österreich

moser – Lifestyle in Fashion
5474 Hinterglemm, Österreich

Mode & Sport Moreau
5710 Kaprun, Österreich