The 6 Most Popular Bathroom Design Ideas in 2022

Your bathroom is your space, a place where you can relax and let the day fade into night. When it comes to bathroom design trends in 2022, people have a set of preferences that are changing the bathroom industry. These six popular designs are how bathrooms will be designed in 2022.

1) Glass floor tiles

Glass floor tiles are becoming more and more popular in bathrooms. The glass is transparent enough that no one can see through it, but strong enough to support the weight of multiple people. The transparent nature of glass tiles adds a sense of openness and makes your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.

The installation of the glass floor tiles is simple. They are installed like any other tiles with adhesive and grout, making them easy to install yourself.

Tips on how to install Glass Floor Tiles

– Clean the surface you will be applying the glass floor tiles to and let dry.

– Spread adhesive evenly across the entire tile and make sure there’s a small gap between each tile.

– Press the tiles firmly against the adhesive and let sit overnight before stepping on them.

– Fill in the gaps between tiles with grout.

The advantages of installing Glass floor tiles in your bathroom are;

-Easy to clean and maintain

-Adds a sense of openness and makes your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.

-Sturdy and strong, able to support multiple people at the same time

-They are transparent, so they match any home décor or bathroom style

Bathroom Design Ideas

2) Dark room with bright accents

The majority of bathrooms are trending towards darker colors. These typical bathrooms with dark tiles and dark fixtures make the room feel smaller than it is, but there are many that think the opposite. By having a dark room with bright accents, you can make your bathroom appear larger than it is by creating a focal in the room.

3) Gray and yellow

These two colors are a sure way to bring in your preferred style in 2022. The majority of bathrooms are trending towards darker colors, but by adding lighter shades like yellow and gray you can create a bathroom that stands out.

4) Shower Faucet

The shower faucet has undergone a transformation into something that looks more like a futuristic device. There are multiple different shapes that the neue duscharmaturen are taking. From circular to triangular, there is certain to be one that fits your taste.

Shower Faucet are great because they are simple to install and very hygienic. Tips on how to install the shower faucet;

– Make sure the water is shut off to the shower.

– Remove the old shower faucet.

– Remove debris from the area that you will be installing the new shower faucet.

– Dry the area and apply sealant around where you will be installing the new shower faucet.

– Install the new shower faucet with the provided tools. Two wrenches are usually all that you will need to assemble your faucet.

– Attach the water lines to the shower faucet and turn on the water to test out your new shower faucet.

5) A bathtub

The traditional tub is coming back into style and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The bath is finally reclaiming its’ throne. Baths are relaxing and therapeutic whereas showers are fast, easy, and convenient for busy people.

By having bathtubs in your future bathroom, you’re going back to the basics and embracing a more relaxing lifestyle. They are simple to install and even easier to fill, making your bathroom experience more enjoyable.

6) Recessed ceiling lights

Recessed ceiling lights are a way to provide your bathroom with the most light possible. Unlike lamps, they provide a more direct light so you can see clearly in the bathroom. You can choose the color of the light to fit your personal taste and they can be installed in under an hour.

The new lights are designed to fit the style of any bathroom and provide a functional purpose. The added advantage of recessed ceiling lights is their stylish, modern appearance.


The design of your bathroom plays a big part in how you perceive it. When your bathroom is clean and organized, it will feel more open and larger than what it actually is. The design of your bathroom is a way to provide the most lighting possible, as well as making it feel more open.


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